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MARBOLOUS BIG M is a captivating kinetic sculpture, boasting a diameter of 400mm and an impressive total size exceeding 650mm. Its real glass dome offers a 360° view on the marble run within, inviting you to rediscover its beauty from every angle. Additionally, its standalone presence is truly striking. Equipped with three LED spots at its base, the BIG M MARBOLOUS ensures a captivating display, casting mesmerizing light and shadow patterns onto your walls and ceiling as the marbles gracefully roll. With five adjustable modes ranging from serene and tranquil to utterly dynamic, it offers a diverse range of experiences.

Each MARBOLOUS BIG M is assembled to order in our German manufacturing. The processing time per order is approx. 2-3 months.

Package includes:

  • 60x Marbles
  • 3x LED-Spots
  • Glass dome
  • Handmade stainless steel track
  • Black wooden socket framed by natural cork
  • Electrical lifting system (5 different modes)
  • Instruction Manual
Sale priceCHF 2,271.00
BIG M (mikaela) Sale priceCHF 2,271.00