Our creative studio is the heart of MARBOLOUS. In this holy hall we develop, design, test & manufacture our marble run prototypes and build exclusive single pieces.

Uniting handwork & technology

Welding, milling, soldering, painting, but also 3D-rendering, CAD-modeling and 3D-printing are all created under one roof. This allows us to ensure that everything from product idea to the finished prototype fits and exactly meets our high quality standards.


We also build exclusive unique pieces in any size and shape. Whether 15 sqm marble runs for a 5* hotel lobby or an exclusive unique piece with elements of gold & platinum. We can make it roll.

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Quality love

We are known for our attention to detail and therefore our high standards. That's why every MARBOLOUS marble track is made of metal and never of simple plastic. That's what true love is all about...

We just started to roll

We are in love with marble tracks and have many more ideas in our mind. So better follow us to see what's coming next.